At babyballet, we make learning to dance an unforgettable and magical experience -for parents  and your little star.

After 20 years of owning and running Pittwater Dance Academy and Beacon Hill Dance Academy on the northern beaches, I am passionate more than ever to bring dancing into the lives of little boys and girls everywhere. 
babyballet® is a program I have brought into the dance school aimed to give every child from eighteen months  to six years the chance to dance, shine and have fun.

The programme and syllabus has been carefully designed by leading preschool dance and ballet experts. Our classes provide the opportunity for babies and young children to learn to dance and develop key life skills in a healthy, sociable, caring and safe environment. babyballet is so much more than just a dance class.


This class introduces the ‘tinies’ to ballet using actions, play and music. These little ones improve their motor skills and communication skills in a fun, friendly and happy environment. With a parent or carer involved, the children are able to engage and explore this wonderful new world of music and dance. Children are encouraged to interact during the class and are never pushed faster than their own speed. Within the class, many lessons are taught including counting, colours and co-ordination.



This programme has been designed to encourage children to explore their imagination within the world of dance and music.

Students progress in a nurturing environment that aims to build self-esteem and confidence, strengthen gross motor skills and spatial awareness with the use of imaginative storytelling. Classes are suitable for girls and boys.

Movers can also join our Tappers classes!


The groovers class further develops self-control, social skills and coordination whilst remaining in a fun and friendly learning environment. This class is a great way to accompany the teachings of the preschool learning programme. Using simple steps as the basis of the class, children learn ballet in a friendly and non-competitive environment.

Groovers can also join our Tappers classes!


Our preschool age tap dancing class is perfect for younger children who like to make a noise in their tap shoes! For children aged 3 and above, this dynamic, upbeat class teaches little ones basic tap steps accompanied by catchy music and songs.